Paramount Installers are the experts at building fabric structures of every style, shape and size – for virtually any application – Paramount provides a seamless customer experience, expediting projects with speed and ease. We’ve been erecting fabric-covered buildings for thirteen years, and now we’d like to make this cost-effective service available to you. Working efficiently and skillfully to complete your project on time and on budget, our superb attention to detail guarantees customer satisfaction and retention. Here’s what our knowledgeable installation crews offer you:

  • Extensive and diverse project experience, with a resume that includes commercial, municipal, agricultural, and equestrian building construction.
  • Culture of safety, keeping workers and all who enter the construction site safe – we provide the training, tools, and time necessary to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • International installation experience, including jobs in Canada, Australia, and Russia; as well as varied regions throughout the United States, such as Washington, Florida, New York City and Las Vegas.
  • Superior customer service evidenced by our long list of satisfied clients.
  • Customized installations from a well-educated and expertly trained staff.


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