Turnkey Installations
A turnkey installation is the complete delivery and installation of your fabric building by Paramount Installers, LLC for a fixed price. Typically, turnkey installations include project management, scheduling, delivery, installation, and in some cases removal of existing structures.

Paramount Installers believes that a turnkey installation ensures our customers a hassle free way to install their structure. 

Our Project Managers organize equipment, manpower and transportation, provide site evaluation and can design an installation schedule around the needs of the project.  Paramount Installers contracts only with qualified, professional equipment companies and labor resources, and with a Paramount Installers Technical Consultant available throughout the entire process, we can ensure our clients the highest quality, on-time installations in the industry.

  Technical Representative
   A common installation method is customer supplied labor and equipment, directed by a Paramount Installers technical consultant.  This is a popular option when skilled labor is abundant and time to completion is not as important.

For customers who prefer to use their own employees or local labor unions, Paramount Installers will provide a Technical Consultant to oversee the entire installation process.

Our consultants are experts in erecting fabric structures and can quickly train customer work crews to maximizing their production.  The Consultant acts only as a supervisor, not as an additional laborer during the installation process.  Paramount Installers Technical Consultants have all completed a thorough internal safety program and may carry a certified welder certificate. The customer will be responsible for all tools and equipment that are required to complete the installation.

Project Management
Where installation is to be coordinated with other contractors, site restrictions are possible, special permits are required or you want an integrated solution with all your contractors, Paramount Installers, LLC offers a total Project Management solution.
Paramount Installers offers Project Management services as an add-on service to our clients to include:
  • Pre-contract site surveys and structure layout/design
  • Foundation installation
  • Integrated HVAC, electrical and lighting packages
  • Coordination with General Contractor
  • Permitting and Fire Marshall approvals of the temporary facility
  • Coordination of installation of all structures and services
Time & Materials
Another popular option that is offered by Paramount Installers, LLC is our time and materials contract.  Let our crews offer any level of assistance that you may require to complete your project from breaking ground through completion.

This option is popular in many aspects of the building process.  It allows customers to utilize their own manpower to complete parts of the building while leaving other daunting tasks to the experts. 

Paramount Installers have the expertise in all aspects of the fabric building market which enables us to pick up almost any project and finish it to completion in a very short amount of time compared to conventional construction practices.  Depending on your required needs, tools and equipment can be incorporated into the time and materials contract.